Lecture Notes for BSCI 410 - Molecular Genetics with Mount at Maryland (UMD)

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Material Type:Vocab
Class:BSCI 410 - Molecular Genetics
Subject:Biological Sciences Program
University:University of Maryland
Term:Spring 2004
  • Microtubles
  • Physical Map
  • Haploinsufficient
  • Duplications
  • Centromeres
  • Immediately
  • Haploid Cell
  • Complementary
  • Multifactorial
  • Dna Topoisomerase
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J tRNA- transfer RNA that is used in translation of the proteins from the RNA coding strand, carries the anticodon, a 3 base long piece of RNA that has the template for a coding region on RNA that codes for an amino acid mRNA- messenger RNA mature mRNA complete with 5' methylated cap and 3' polyA tail, introns have been spliced out rRNA- ribosomal RNA codes for proteins that make up ribosomal subunits primer- a short piece of RNA used to being DNA synthesis, allows DNA polymerase to being adding nucleotides to a 5' end template- strand of DNA that is used to transcribe RNA, has the complementary DNA sequence to the newly synthesized RNA transcription- the process of synthesizing RNA from a template DNA strand translation- creating proteins from an RNA strand exon- area of RNA that has codons intron- parts of RNA that have no effect on the proteins produced, often spliced out mitosis- the creation of an identically new cell each with the same # of chromoso1l\es, diploid cells meio...

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