Lecture Notes for CHEM 3410 - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I with Richard at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (StoCo)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Term:Fall 2008
  • Approximation
  • Natural Sciences
  • Concentration
  • The Independent
  • Algebraic Equations
  • Decomposition
  • Steady State
  • Intermediate
  • Mathematics
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The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Chemistry Program, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics PO Box 195, Pomoma, NJ CHEM 3410: Physical Chemistry I | Fall 2008 November 19, 2008 Lecture 33: Pre-equilibrium, competing reactions, and unimolecular reactions References 1. Levine, Physical Chemistry, Chapter 16 Key Concepts The steady state approximation (the concentration of an intermediate is constant or time independent) allows us to: 1. remove intermediate concentrations from rate expressions for reactants or products of the overall reaction 2. solve algebraic equations as opposed to di erential equations The steady state approximation is valid in cases where intermediates form slowly but are used up quickly. The alternative or reverse case, where the intermediate forms quickly but is used up slowly results in the pre-equilibrium approximation. { For the generic mechanism: A k1a71a71a71a71a71a71a66a70a71a71a71a71a71a71 k 1 B k2 a71a71a71a65 C the pre-equilibrium approxima...

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