Lecture Notes for PED 102 - Management of Sport at Central Arizona College (CAC)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PED 102 - Management of Sport
Subject:Physical Education
University:Central Arizona College
Term:Spring 2009
  • Superstition
  • Broadcasting
  • Labor Relations
  • Professional Sport
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Association
  • Economic Forces
  • Such Factors
  • Marketing Plan
  • Organizational
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Central Arizona College 8470 N. Overfield Road Coolidge, AZ 85228 Phone: (520) 494-5206 Fax: (520) 494-5212 PED102 The Management of Sport Catalog Description: A comprehensive overview of sport management: fundamentals and history; structure, policy and the governance of sport; sport economics and finance; sport marketing; and professional relations in sport. Credit Hours: 3 Effective Term: Spring 2009 Terms Offered: All Terms Teaching Methods: Lecture Modalities: Face to Face Hybrid course IITV Online Prerequisite(s): None Corequisite(s): RDG094 Times for Credit: 1 Grading Option: A/F Credit Breakdown: 3 Lecture Cross Listed: No Learning Outcomes: 1. Explain why sport is a dominant and global influence in society. 2. Identify sports media businesses and industries whose sole purpose is producing, televising, broadcasting, and printing information about spectator-driven sporting events. 3. Expla...

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