Lecture Notes for PHYS 2086 - GEN PHYS-ELEC, MAGN & MOTION with Zhou at Montana Tech of the University of Montana (Montana Tech)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:Montana Tech of the University of Montana
  • Point Charges
  • Approaching
  • Total Charge
  • Conservative
  • Positive Charge
  • On the Ground
  • Unit Vector
  • Superposition
  • Electric Force
  • Negative Charges
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Review: Properties of Electric Charges There are two kinds of charges in nature: positive and negative; Charges of the same sign repel each other; and those of opposite sign attract one another; Total charge in an isolated system is conserved (positive = negative); Charge is quantized. Review Questions 1. How many types of charges in nature? 2. A glass rod rubbed with silk will attract or repel with a rubber rubbed with fur? 3. After a glass rod is rubbed with silk, it have a total charge of 1000 protons. How much charge does the silk have? Conductors Electrical conductors are materials in which some of the electrons are free electrons Free electrons are not bound to the atoms and can move relatively freely Examples : copper, aluminum and silver When a good conductor is charged in a small region, the charge readily distributes itself over the entire surface of the material New Concept Insulators Electrical insulators are materials in which all ...

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