Lecture Notes for CSIS 110 - Intro to Programming in Java with Hanks at Fort Lewis College (FTLEW)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CSIS 110 - Intro to Programming in Java
Subject:Computer Science Info Systems
University:Fort Lewis College
Term:Winter 2006
  • Complicated
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  • In-Lab Exercise
  • Organization
  • Photographs
  • Declaration
  • Temperature
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CSIS 110 – Lecture 28 Reminders Program due Friday. Any questions about the current programming assignment? Quiz: Wednesday, March 29 More Nested For Loops Let's do one more triangle that is a bit more complicated - Try to write method that prints triangles like this: * *** ***** ******* Multi-dimensional arrays We have looked at one-dimensional arrays. Java also has multidimensional arrays. int[] quizScores = new int[20]; ChessPiece[][] chessboard = new ChessPiece[8][8]; double [][][] temperature = new double[500][500][100]; We're going to look at 2-dimensional arrays. They are the most commonly used type of multi-dimensional array. A typical way of thinking about 2D arrays is as a set of rows and columns. The chessboard example has 8 rows and 8 columns. Other examples String[][] words = new String[10][4]; double[][] measurements = new double[3][5]; First dimension is the number of rows, second dimension is number of columns. Can anyone think of other 2-dimensional items...

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