Lecture Notes for POS 2112 - State and Local Government with Crosby at Valencia Comm College (VCC)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:POS 2112 - State and Local Government
Subject:POS: Politcal Science
University:Valencia Community College
  • Gerrymandering
  • Racial Gerrymandering
  • Majority-Minority District
  • Sunset Laws
  • Malapportionment
  • Baker V. Carr
  • Legislative Oversight
  • Special Session
  • Standing Committee
  • Tort Reform
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Politics in States and Communities Study Guide Chapter 6 1. What are the functions of a state legislature? 2. What are constituents? 3. What is servicing the district? 4. What is legislative oversight? 5. What are sunset laws? 6. What is tort? 7. In Florida, what impact can being a state legislator have on your net worth? 8. Why are lawyers at an advantage in entering state politics? 9. What is tort reform? 10. Do lawyers behave in any ways differently than other state legislators? 11. What are full-time legislators? 12. What is a citizen legislator? 13. About what percentage of state legislators are African-American? 14. Hispanic? 15. Women? 16. Why are more women getting state legislator seats? 17. What role does incumbency play in reelection rates? 18. Have there been any recognizable effects of the increase in women state legislators? 19. What is a 527 type organization? 20. What is an uncontested election? 21. What is a safe district? 22. What is a close distr...

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