Lecture Notes for ENG 1113 - Hybrid English Composition I with McRaney at Pearl River Community College (PRCC)

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Material Type:Vocab
Class:ENG 1113 - Hybrid English Composition I
University:Pearl River Community College
Term:Spring 2001
  • The School for Scandal
  • Maria Montessori
  • Subordination
  • Interrupting
  • Machiavelli
  • False Analogy
  • Direct Objects
  • Explanation
  • Specific Words
  • Easier Access
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0 1 SOFTWARE DESCRIPTIONS AND LESSONS Question Designer Software Presenter (Windows Network Version) CD 371.26 Q38 1996 PT.1 English Composition I (ENG 1113) On Level - Critically Reading Essays Lessons: 01 Critically Reading Nonfiction 02 Critically Reading Emily Dickinson 03 Loretta Lynn 04 Judy Garland & Louis Armstrong 05 Elvis Presley & The Beatles 06 Stevie Wonder 07 Critically Reading Nonfiction 08 Modern Parenting 09 Childhood Summers 10 Animals and Genetics 11 Teenage Pregnancy 12 There Was A Nation 13 Mama and Miss Jordan 14 Critical Skills of Comprehension 15 The Emphera 16 Critically Reading Excerpts 17 Red Badge of Courage 18 Adventures of Huck Finn 19 A Tale of Two Cities 20 Puppet Masters 21 The Scarlet Letter 22 Introduction to Poetry 23 Mending Wall 24 Miniver Cheevy 25 There is No Frigate Like a Book 26 Ri...

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