Lecture Notes for MGT 201 - PRINCIPLES OF MGT with Clark at Clemson (Clemson)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:Clemson University
Term:Fall 2009
  • Hierarchy Culture
  • Market Culture
  • Adhocracy Culture
  • Observable Artifacts
  • Fit Perspective
  • Clan Culture
  • Organic Organization
  • Internal Focus
  • Mechanistic Organization
  • Contingency Design
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Chapter 8: Organizational Culture, Structure, & Design 8.1 What Kind of Organizational Culture Will You Be Operating In? Organizational/ Corporate Culture: Is a system of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its members - Edgar Schein - “social glue” a. Four Types of Organizational Culture: Clan, Adhocracy, Market & Hierarchy Competing values framework: organizational cultures can be classified into four types; clan, adhocracy, market and hierarchy Clan Culture: Has an internal focus and values flexibility rather than stability and control - Encourages collaboration among employees, cohesion, increase commitment through employee involvement (southwest) Adhocracy Culture: Has an external focus and values flexibility - Innovative products by being adaptable, creative quick to respond - Employees encouraged to take risks - Suitable for start up companies, industries in constant change and mature industries that need innovation Market Culture: Has a strong ...

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