Lecture Notes for CHE 140.00 - General Chemistry I with Ferrence at Illinois State (ILSTU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:CHE 140.00 - General Chemistry I
University:Illinois State University
Term:Fall 2005
  • Particularly
  • Empirical Formulas
  • Combination Reactions
  • Combination
  • Conversion Factor
  • Decomposition Reactions
  • Measurement Rules
  • Mass Percent
  • Stoichiometry
  • Formula Weight
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The emphasis of Exam 1 will be Chapter 2 content, (more than 1/3, probably approaching . Chapter 1. Introduction: Matter and Measurement Common Student Misconceptions . Don't confuse mass and weight. . Algebraic manipulation is critical. Be careful particularly when converting temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. . DO NOT equate density with mass. . Be familiar with many of the commonly used metric system prefixes. . Understand the differences between precision and accuracy. . Avoid rounding off too soon in calculations or reporting the result to as many figures as a calculator produces. . Understand the use of a conversion factor of exactly one. . Dimensional analysis can be challenging. This text bases the whole of stoichiometry on dimensional analysis: try to embrace the concept as soon as possible. . In dimensional analysis problems students notice that a physical quantity is a multiplication of value and units. Therefore, perform algebraic operatio...

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