Lecture Notes for MAT 151 - College Algebra Standard at Central Arizona College (CAC)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:MAT 151 - College Algebra Standard
University:Central Arizona College
Term:Fall 2008
  • Exponential
  • Combinations
  • Inequalities
  • Determinant
  • Substitution
  • Elimination
  • Compound Interest
  • Square Matrix
  • Description
  • Matrix Multiplication
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Central Arizona College 8470 N. Overfield Road Coolidge, AZ 85228 Phone: (520) 494-5206 Fax: (520) 494-5212 MAT 151 College Algebra Standard Catalog Description: Accelerated algebra including topics such as equations, relations, functions, transformations, linear and quadratic functions and inequalities, systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomials and rational functions, and probability. Credit Hours: 4 Effective Term: Fall 2008 Terms Offered: All Terms Teaching Methods: Lecture Modalities: Face to Face Hybrid course IITV Online Prerequisite(s): MAT121 or MAT 122; RDG100A or RDG100B Corequisite(s): None Times for Credit: 1 Grading Option: A/F Credit Breakdown: 4 Lecture Cross Listed: N/A Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify the characteristics of a function. 2. Sketch the graphs of the following types of functions: linear, quadratic, polynomial...

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