Lecture Notes for MKTG 3104 - Marketing Management with Coupey at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:MKTG 3104 - Marketing Management
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Spring 2007
  • Distribution Intensity
  • Channel Factors
  • Types of Power
  • Intensive Distribution
  • Exclusive Distribution
  • Order Processing
  • Warehousing
  • The Channel
  • Cooperation
  • Distribution
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From Concept to Consumer Marketing Channels & Distribution From last class… • Show me the money – where’s the profit? – Setting the right price • Factors to consider • Pricing approaches – Key concepts • Demand and price elasticity of demand (PED) • Types of costs • Break-even volume What you should know… • Key decisions involved in “place” strategy – Difference between “channels,” “distribution,” and “logistics” – Typical types of channel structures • Participants • Benefits • Understand roles of logistics and supply chain management in distribution channels A Channel Primer • What is a channel? – A conduit – Marketing flows • Why are channels used? – Move product from manufacturer to consumer – Channel functions • How do channels differ? – Channel forms – Length – Formality Typical Channel Forms: B2C B2B Channels Part 1: Channel Strategy Decisions A. What’s the right channel? – Factors to consider – What members an...

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