Lecture Notes for GANTH 196 - BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY [C3T1G3] with Harlacker at James Madison (JMU)

Notes Information

Material Type:Study Guide 1
Subject:General Education Anthropology
University:James Madison University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Adaptive Perspective
  • Uniformitarianism
  • Biological Determinism
  • Particularly
  • Catastrophism
  • Human Variation
  • Complicated
  • Pleiotropic
  • Parallel Evolution
  • Balanced Polymorphism
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GANTH 196 Fall 2008 Exam 1 Study Guide As mentioned on your syllabus, exams cover lecture material, assignments, readings, activities – anything is fair game. In general, the best way to begin studying is to go over your notes, because it’s the most important things that get mentioned and emphasized in class. Your text will be helpful in terms of firming up your understanding of topics that emerge as problematic from your notes. It’s likely that you’ll see a couple of questions from the Annual Editions readings, which will require substantial familiarity with these readings (so be sure to review them!). As I finish composing the exam, I may post additional hints as to what will be important from the Annual Editions readings, so keep checking Blackboard! The exam will consist entirely of multiple choice items; unlike the quizzes, there will be five answer choices for each question. In some cases you may have to interpret a figure or other illustration to answer a question or two, but you won’t need t...

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