Lecture Notes for ACC 312 - FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGERIAL ACC at Texas (UT)

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Material Type:Vocab
University:University of Texas - Austin
Term:Summer I 2007
  • The Marketing Process
  • Particularly
  • Course Schedule
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Competitiveness
  • Perspective
  • Economic Integration
  • Implications
  • Business Marketing
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SUMMER 2007 MARKETING COURSE DESCRIPTIONS IB F395 International Operations & Management Graduate Students and professor in this course will learn to know, understand and manage the socio-cultural foundations and implications of designing strategy and effectively manage operations, both in services and manufacturing organizations across cultures. The course particularly will focus on: … The complex dynamics inherent to International Business-Global Management and their impact and requirements on executive performance. Strategic management and strategic thinking in an international context. Design of Business models and competitive strategy. … Strategic approaches to product-service structure and process selection to increase competitiveness from a global perspective. Strategies to design and implement culture consonant management systems across cultures. … International Trade Policy and its impact on global operations. The dynamics of national self interest and regional economic inte...

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