Lecture Notes for ASTR 101 - Solar System Astronomy at Colgate (CU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:ASTR 101 - Solar System Astronomy
University:Colgate University
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PLATE 70 TYCHO AT MIDMORNING In this plate, the mountain-walled plains are difficult to recognize except at the extreme south. The sun is not high in this area, and the craters appear the same as eal'lier in the morning. The ray system of Tycho is not as easily observed as at noon time. Nevertheless, the rim craters on Tycho are well defined, and the detail of the floor is at its best. The dark inner halo around Tycho is in evidence, but the bright outer one is not yet visible. The left side of the floor can be examined for the presence of many small craters. Perhaps all features in the region of Tycho were somewhat modified when the crater was formed. Nevertheless, the mountain-waned plains are probably the oldest features on the moon. In photographs taken under a lower sun, Maginus is seen to have more rim cratel'S than the other mountain-waned plains, At this phase, the plain is easily found because of t.he bright craterlet on its floo)", Ho\~evel", one can barely trace the ou...
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