Lecture Notes for MATH 1630 - Finite Mathematics with Smith at Nashville State Technical Community College (NSCC)

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Material Type:Outline
Class:MATH 1630 - Finite Mathematics
University:Nashville State Technical Community College
  • Compound Statement
  • Connectives
  • Conditional
  • Truth Tables
  • Truth Value
  • Mathematics
  • Electricity
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MATH 1630 - Outline for 3.3 3.3 - The Conditional Statement and Circuits Definition: Conditional Statement - If p, then q (p = antecedent, q = consequent) I. Truth Table for p fi q p q p fiq T T T T F F F T T F F T II. Determine the truth value of a compound statement using all 4 connectives (And, Or, Not, If.then) a.) qrp fi )~( b.) )()( qprq fifi III. Build truth tables for compound statements using all 4 connectives and be able to determine a tautology a.) pqp fifi )~ ( b.) )()( qpqp fi IV. Negation of p fi q (this is the third type of negation that we will cover) qpqp ~)(~ "fi Note: the negation of If p, then q becomes p AND not q V. Circuits Key: Determine all of the paths through which electricity can flow, combine them into a compound statement, and then simplify (see table on p.119). ...

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