Lecture Notes for SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology with Hughes at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Outline
Class:SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Cultural Transmission Theory
  • Secondary Deviance
  • Victimless Crime
  • Cultural Transmission
  • Social Sanctions
  • Primary Deviance
  • Dysfunctions
  • Labeling Theory
  • Social Norms
  • Social Control
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Chapter 5 : Deviance Anomie: social condition in which people find it difficult to guide their behavior by norms they experience as weak, unclear, or conflicting. -Emilie Durkheim thought of this and merton built on her ideas, saying deviance derives from societal stresses. Crime: act prohibited by law. Deviance: behavior that a considerable number of people in a society view as reprehensible and beyond the limits of tolerance. Primary deviance: behavior that violates social norms but usually goes unnoticed by the agents of social control. Secondary deviance: deviance that individuals adopt in response to the reactions of others. Social control: methods and strategies that regulate behavior within the society. 1. Those that lead us to internalize our society. 2. Those that structure our world of social experience. 3. Those that employ various formal and informal social sanctions. Cultural Transmission Theory: the similarities between the way deviant behavior is acquired and the way in which other behavior is ...

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