Lecture Notes for BIOL 1107 - Principles of Biology I with Abbott at Connecticut (UConn)

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Material Type:Note
Class:BIOL 1107 - Principles of Biology I
Subject:Biological Sciences
University:University of Connecticut
Term:Fall 2010
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Study Guide: Exam III Chapter 41, Introduction to Animal Structure 1. How do the functions of the body as a whole (breathing, eating, elimination of wastes, etc.) relate to the processes that occur in single cells? Correlations btwn form and function start at the molecular level, correlations btwn structure and function occurs at the level of the cell, and the overall shape of a cell correlates with its bigger picture function. 3. How are osteocytes able to attain oxygen and nutrients? You must consider the organization of hard bone in which osteocytes are trapped. The bone has an organization of canals that thread through the bone. The canals carry blood vessels and nerves. The canal is called the \"Haversain Canal? Osteocytes are organized in a solar system like arrangement around the Haversain canal. The osteocytes have tiny threads of cytoplasm that intertwine. The tiny threads of cytoplasm are called canaliculi; the closest osteocytes obtain oxygen via diffusio...
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