Lecture Notes for SOC 2820 - Methods Of Data Collection at Western Michigan (WMU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:SOC 2820 - Methods Of Data Collection
University:Western Michigan University
  • Guttman Scaling
  • Inter-Observer Reliability
  • Generalizable
  • Unique Position
  • Trend Studies
  • Context Effects
  • Scientific Observation
  • Inductive Research
  • The Independent
  • Thick Description
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Chapter 1: Science, Society, and Social Research\nChapter Overview: Chapter 1 begins to differentiate social scientific knowledge from other forms of knowledge by calling attention to how non-scientific observation leads to erroneous conclusions. It explains how the social science approach overcomes many errors in everyday reasoning. Motivations for conducting social research are addressed. This chapter introduces students to the four reasons for conducting social research (description, exploration, explanation, and evaluation) as well as the differences between qualitative and quantitative research. The chapter includes a lengthy discussion of validity and authenticity as goals of social research. The different dimensions of validity (measurement validity, generalizability, and causal validity) are defined and examined. The chapter closes on a discussion of the strengths and limitations of social research, noting the importance of other research and other researchers in the scientific endeavor.\n\nLecture Ou...

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