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Material Type:Quiz
Class:ABM 111 - Records & Business Planning I
Subject:Agriculture Business Mgmt
University:Morgan Community College
  • Appropriate Statement
  • Business Planning
  • Controlling
  • Instructions
  • Application
  • Information
  • Environment
  • The Environment
  • Operating System
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Name:____________________________ Section B: Matching: Computer Terms Match the term in the left-hand column with the appropriate statement in the right-hand column. _____ 1. Template a. Software designed for specific computer applications, such as Word _____ 2. CPU b. Reads and writes by making magnetic marks on the surface of the disk _____ 3. File c. A pattern used as-is or modified _____ 4. RAM Memory d. The “brain” of the computer _____ 5. Hardware e. A set of instructions read and carried out by a computer _____ 6. Program or software f. Storage unit for related information _____ 7. Mouse g. Temporary information storage _____ 8. Operating System h. The physical equipment that make up a computer system _____ 9. Disk storage i. Device for controlling input _____10. Application Program j. A program that begins when the computer is turned on and provides a consistent working environment Morgan Community College ABM 111 Unit 2 ...

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