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Material Type:Quiz 6
Class:MATH 1321 - Trigonometry
University:Texas Tech University
Term:Fall 2002
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Math 1321 Quiz 6 Name: September 30, 2002 Instructions: 1. Be sure to show all your work, NO WORK = NO CREDIT!! 2. Read all questions carefully and be sure to give the result wanted. 3. Box in or highlight your flnal answer. NO BOX = NO CREDIT 1. Exercise 3.2, Problem 4 From a point A on the top of a clifi that is 115m above sea level, the angle of depression of an anchored rowboat B is 22:0o. Find the length of the airline distance AB from the clifi to the boat. Air line Di stance 1 1 5 m A B 22.0 68.0 AB = 115cos68o = 307m Therefore the airline distance AB from the clifi to the boat is 307 meters. 2. Exercise 3.3, Problem 12: An airplane with a cruising speed of 220 km/hr in still air moves with a heading of 72o. Find the speed of a north wind that makes the plane trave due east. a0 a1 a2a3 a4a6a5a8a7a10a9 a11 a11a13a12 a0a15a14a17a16 a18a20a19a21a3a23a22a24 a25 a27 So we need to solve for X so we use sin18o = X220 So we get X = 220sin18o = 67:9837 . 68mph. Therefore the s...
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