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Material Type:Quiz 1
Class:CHM 220 - Organic Chemistry I
University:Rollins College
Term:Spring 2006
  • Either...or
  • Representations
  • Molecular Formula
  • Extra Credit
  • Hybridization
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Organic Chemistry - CHM 220-2 Quiz #1 Feb 2, 2006 15 pts total 1. Consider the following condensed molecular structure. For each structure, convert the condensed structure into a correct bond - line or wedge - dash structure, as appropriate (3 pts): a. CH 3 CH(OCH 3 )CHCHCH 2 CCC(O)CH 3 2. Consider the following molecule, a derivative of the amino acid threonine. (6 pts): a. What is the molecular formula of this molecule? (1pt) b. Using the above structure, label the hybridization and shape for at least 4 non-hydrogen atoms. Ensure that you label & identify at least one atom from each type of hybridization. (2 pts) c. Briefly explain what it means for an atom to be hybridized (3 pts) O H 3 N O OH 3. Consider the following Acid - Base reactions. Show how the Acid - Base reactions occur using the arrow pushing formalism in order to predict the structure of the products. En...
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