Quiz for ISE 3414 - Prob Operations Research with Bish at Virginia Tech (VT)

Quiz Information

Material Type:Quiz 5
Class:ISE 3414 - Prob Operations Research
Subject:Industrial and Systems Enginee
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2006
  • Capacity Constraint
  • Markov Chain
  • Average Number
  • Either...or
  • Immediately
  • Probabilities
  • The Independent
  • Utilization
  • Explanation
  • Distribution
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Sample Document Text

ISE 3414 - POR, Quiz 5 (A) Dr. Bish, Fall 06, Total PoillL!:Io: POR STUDENT NUMBER (no HaInes please): 2(} You are allowed one letter-size vaIIC'- only (you can use both sides). To obtain any credit, y01L must show all your work. No c7-edit will be given othe1'1.uise. 1. (16 pts) Consider a queueing system consisting of a queue with a finite capacity, C, and a ,~ingle seroer. Customers arrive at the queue according to a Poisson distribution with rate A. A customer who, upon arrival, fi nds the queue full leaves the system immediately (Le., without. being served) and does not inAucllce the system; such a customer is called a lost customer', Ot.herwise, the customer joins tbe queue and waits unt.i1 her service is completed. At the beginning of each period, ir there is at. least one customer waiting in .,be queue, t.be~ t.he. server w kes one cust.omer off t.he queue a nd start.s serving her; t.he service ta.kes exactly one time period. For k = 0, 1, .. " a/;;=probability that k cust.om...

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