Quiz for ISE 3414 - Prob Operations Research with Bish at Virginia Tech (VT)

Quiz Information

Material Type:Quiz 2
Class:ISE 3414 - Prob Operations Research
Subject:Industrial and Systems Enginee
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2007
  • The Independent
  • Calculators
  • Probabilities
  • Distribution
  • Probabilistic
  • Inventories
  • Following Terms
  • Conditioning
  • Mass Function
  • Random Variables
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Sample Document Text

ISE 3414 - POR, Quiz 2 (A) POR STUDENT NUMBER:5dPEf2- S 7 uD ey-r Dr. Bish, Fall 07, Total Points: 20 . You are allowed one letter-size page only (you can use both sides). No calculators, laptops, cellphones, or any other electronic device . . To obtain any credit, you must show all your work. No credit will be given otherwise. 1. (8 pt) An electrical power utility owns two 1,000 MW (megawatt) generating units and one .500 MW generating units. If all units are functioning, the utility can therefore generate a power of 2 x 1000 + 500 = 2,500 MW. However, units sometimes fail randomly. The total demand for power is 1, 500 MW. Thus, if the utility can generate 1, 500 MW or more, then it will satisfy all demand; otherwise, some demand will be unsatisfied. Label the units such that units 1,2 are the 1,000 MW generating units, and unit 3 is the 500 MW generating unit. We define random variables Xi, for i = 1,2,3, as follows: Xi =f 1, if unit i is up lo, otherwise Assume random vari...

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