Quiz for MTH 122 - Calc with Analytic Geom II with Bannon at Essex County College (ESSEX)

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Material Type:Quiz 5
Class:MTH 122 - Calc with Analytic Geom II
University:Essex County College
Term:Spring 2005
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MTH 122 - Spring - 2005 Essex County College - Division of Mathematics Quiz # 51 - February 15, 2005 Name: Signature: Show all work clearly and in order, and box your final answers. Justify your answers algebraically whenever possible. You have 20 minutes to take this 10 point quiz. When you do use your calculator, sketch all relevant graphs and write down all relevant mathematics. 1. Prove2 that d dx parenleftbigcot?1 xparenrightbig = ? 1 1+ x2. 1This document was prepared by Ron Bannon using LATEX2?. 2You should use the same method that was used in class, including drawing the proper triangle. 1 ...
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