Quiz for PHYS 015 - Intro to Modern Phys at Howard (Howard)

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Material Type:Quiz 1
Class:PHYS 015 - Intro to Modern Phys
University:Howard University
  • Normalization
  • General Formula
  • Total Energy
  • On the Ground
  • Energy Level
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HOWARD UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON,D.C.20059 DEPARTMENTOFPHYSICSANDASTRONOMY 2355SixthStr.,NW,TKHRm.215 (202)-806-6245(MainO?ce) thubsch@howard.edu (202)-806-5830(FAX) (202)-806-6257 Don't Panic ! Introduction to Modern Physics lastupdated:3/15/1 QuizzesandExamples Samplesolutions(T.H¨ubsch) 1. InSmur?and,thespeedoflightequalsthespeedofsoundinair,c=340m/s. Asmurf racesinthesmurfmobilealongalscript=1kmtrackatthespeedof s=204m/s. a. Howmuchtimedothespectatorsobservetohavepassedduringtherace? [=5pt] b. Howmuchtimedoesthedriverobservetohavepassedduringtherace? [=5pt] c. Howlongdoesthedriverobservetheracetracktobe? [=5pt] Firstofall,we'llneedthe'relativisticconversionfactor',?=(1? v 2 c 2 ) ?1/2 = 5 4 . a. Thisquestionpertainsentirelytothe(stationary)frameofspectators;thereisnothing relativisticaboutit. Thecalculationis,justasdonein PHYS-013: t= lscript s = 1,000m 204m/s ?4.90s. (Let'sstickto2decimalpointprecision,sincewedonotknowhowexactlyanyofthemeasurements are done. Had we been give...
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