Quiz for PSYC 2094 - Prin Psych Res with Bill at Virginia Tech (VT)

Quiz Information

Material Type:Quiz 1
Class:PSYC 2094 - Prin Psych Res
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2006
  • Third-Variable Problem
  • Third Variable Problem
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Experimental Research
  • Rationalism
  • Multiple Choice
  • Mail Survey
  • Particularly
  • The Scientific Approach
  • Objectivity
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Sample Document Text

Quiz 1 Part 1 Question 1 Multiple Choice The length of a survey should be Selected Answer: Correct Answer: 2 of 2 points short enough to maintain the respondent's cooperation until completed. short enough to maintain the respondent's cooperation until completed. Question 2 Multiple Choice 2 of 2 points Previously, Dr. Winchester used anonymous written course evaluations to assess his teaching. This semester, he plans to ask each student in his seminar to see him privately, after grades are turned in, to discuss the course. What is the name of the type of interview that Dr. Winchester will employ to do his survey? Selected Answer: Correct Answer: Face-to-face interview Face-to-face interview Question 3 Multiple Choice 2 of 2 points If a state were considering a referendum on a lottery as a means of financing education programs, a survey of 1,000 voters most likely gives Selected Answer: Correct Answer: a reasonably accurate prediction of likely voter split if a random, representative sample is used. a reaso...

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