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Material Type:Quiz 2
Class:ECN 151B - Human Resources
University:University of California - Davis
  • Disparate Impact
  • Disparate Treatment
  • Either...or
  • Relationship
  • Assumptions
  • Human Resources
  • Discrimination
  • Individuals
  • Productivity
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Econ 151B Quiz 2 Suppose that the owner of a baseball stadium is considering hiring new janitors. The owner is considering hiring both men and women. Assume, for the purposes of this exercise, that, on average, women are better at cleaning stadiums then men. However, an individual’s skill level is difficult to observe, so the stadium owner also gives his potential employees a test. The test is an equally good predictor of a worker’s skill level for both groups (men and women). Wages are determined using information on an individual’s test score, and using information on the average skill level of the group to which the individual belongs. The diagram below shows the relationship between wages and the test score for men. Note: am is the average skill level of men a) Using the diagram above, draw the relationship between wages and the test score for women. Make sure that you label the relationship for each group. Does the figure suggest that discrimination will occur? Why or ...

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