Quiz for BSC 1010 - General Biology I with Tracey at Florida International (FIU)

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Material Type:Quiz 1
Class:BSC 1010 - General Biology I
Subject:Biological Science
University:Florida International University
Term:Fall 2009
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You are planning to perform some protein-protein interaction studies to identify a receptor for a steroid hormone you have been working on. With which of the following types of cell extracts should you begin? Possible Answers A. plasma membrane B. extracellular C. cytoplasmic D. nuclear 2. The space into which neurotransmitters are released is called a chemical Possible Answers A. synapse. B. junction. C. channel. D. desmosome. E. vesicle. 3. A small number of surface receptors can ultimately generate a large intracellular response, as each step of the pathway is often expanded by Possible Answers A. enzymatic receptors. B. gated ion channels. C. signal amplification. D. G-protein-coupled receptors. 4. Located on or within the cell are _________ proteins, each of which has a three dimensional shape complementary to that of a specific signal molecule. Possible Answers A. amplification B. monoclonal ...
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