Quiz for PSCI 1024 - Comp Gov & Politics with Ra at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Quiz 2
Class:PSCI 1024 - Comp Gov & Politics
Subject:Political Science
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
  • Single-Member Districts
  • Ancien Regime
  • Single Member Districts
  • Social Democrats
  • National Assembly
  • The Bastille
  • Proportional Representation
  • On the Left
  • The Republic
  • Estates General
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PSCI 1024: Comparative Government and Politics--Quiz 2 For each question, select the BEST answer. Please remember to both circle your answers on the quiz and bubble-in the answer on the opscan. You will need the quiz when checking the posted answers. 1. The longest-lasting French regime since the ancien regime was a. the Second Empire. b. the Second Republic. ~the Third Republic .. 'a:' the Bourbon Restoration. 2. What event marks the beginning of the French Revolution? ~ The flight of Louis XIV. <& >-:-The fall of the Bastille'. c. The convening of the Estates General. t d. The proclamation of the National Assembly. 3. De Gaulle was recalled to set up his Fifth Republic in a.1950. c!?> 1954. c.1958.' d: 1962. 4. All of the following are important French parties except the a. Communists. b. Gaullists. c. Socialists. @Social Democrats.' 5. The Fifth Republic's legislative electoral system now utilizes !a\single-member districts with plurality winning. b. prop...

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