Quiz for COMP 112 - INTRO TO COMP & PRG-LOCAL 103 with Goldstein at Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT)

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Material Type:Quiz 2
Subject:Computer Science
University:Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Maximum Profit
  • Number Boxes
  • Transitions
  • Psychoanalysis
  • The Director
  • The Internet
  • Professional
  • Presentation
  • Programming
  • Microsoft Word
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NAME___________________________________________________ Wentworth Institute of Technology Division of Professional and Continuing Studies COMP112 Section 71 – Intro to Computers and Programming - Fall, 2008 Quiz 2 – Open Book – FOR THE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS, CIRCLE EVERY CORRECT RESPONSE 1. Data Validation in an Excel cell can be done via: A. A drop down list populated from other cells D. Typing a formula into the cell that contains the upper limit allowed B. A drop down list from a typed list E. data must be typed in a certain format(like xxx-xx-xxxx for a Social Security number) C. A range of dates F. A range of numerical values 2. The solver can be used to A. Optimize the use of materials to reduce waste D. Do psychoanalysis B. Send a query to the internet E. Find a strategy that will result in maximum profit C. Fit data to an equation using least squares F. Answer the question “what is the meaning of life” 3. Which are these are doable via the Master slides in Power...

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