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Quiz for MUS 1104 - Music Appreciation with Husser at Virginia Tech (VT)

Quiz Information

Material Type:Quiz 8
Class:MUS 1104 - Music Appreciation
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Spring 2011
  • The Classical Symphony
  • Symphony No. 5
  • Representative
  • The Independent
  • The Nucleus
  • Understanding
  • Appreciation
  • Professional
  • The French Revolution
  • French Revolution
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Sample Document Text

QUIZ 8 (for Chapters 34 - 39) Question 1 The early Classical symphony was characterized by quickly ascending themes with a strong rhythmic drive. These are known as: rocket themes. Question 2 In the Classical orchestra, which group of instruments served as the ensemble?s nucleus? strings Question 3 The third movement of a Classical symphony is most frequently in: minuet and trio form. Question 4 Of which genre is Haydn?s The Creation representative? oratorio Question 5 How did Haydn?s Surprise Symphony earn its nickname? A surprise loud chord is played in the slow movement. Question 6 Beethoven belonged to a generation of artists who were influenced by the full impact of: the French Revolution. Question 7 Beethoven suffered perhaps the most traumatic of all maladies for a musician. What was it? deafness Question 8 How many symphonies did Beethoven write? 9 Question 9 Beethoven?s own instrument, for which he wrote numerous concertos and ...

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