Quiz for BIOL 115 - Topics in Ecol & Environment with Atkinson at Christopher Newport (CNU)

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Material Type:Quiz
Class:BIOL 115 - Topics in Ecol & Environment
University:Christopher Newport University
Term:Fall 2009
  • Atlantic White-Cedar
  • Neither...nor
  • Transitional
  • Secondary Succession
  • Environment
  • Primary Succession
  • Decomposition
  • Low Productivity
  • Climax Community
  • Perturbation
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Swamps ____ 1. Which of the following IS NOT TRUE about swamps? Swamps ____. A. are forested wetlands B. much of the plants contain woody tissue that decomposes more slowly than herbaceous species C. have a detritus-based food chain D. release lots of carbon dioxide, thus speeding up climate change ____ 2. Swamps may occur ___. A. in fresh water, except mangrove swamps which occur in salt water. B. along rivers both west (upstream) and east (downstream) of the Fall Line C. away from rivers, as with pocosins D. All of These For each of the following questions, answer (A) Deepwater swamps (B) Bottomland hardwood forests (C) Pocosins (D) All of the Three (E) None of the Three __D__ 3. Can be a type of forested wetland. __C__ 4. Has fairly low productivity due to lack of flood deposits. __A__ 5. Tree species diversity is low due to the stress of long-term, persistent flooding. ____ 6. ____ is a floodplain feature that is deposited beside channels, and is often sandy and drier than much of the swamp. A. Oxbow lak...

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