Quiz for MGF 1107 - Math for Liberal Arts at Valencia Comm College (VCC)

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Material Type:Quiz 2
Class:MGF 1107 - Math for Liberal Arts
Subject:MGF: Math - General & Finite
University:Valencia Community College
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1 Quiz #2 MGF1107 Covers 3.2, 3.3 Write on your quiz your name, date, course registration number, and the time and days that you attend the class. You may also use this paper as a part of what you turn in. You may attach additional work. Show all work for full credit. Your submitted quiz should be neat, clear and detailed. It should not be a rough draft. When in doubt, include as much relevant, correct information pertaining to your answer as possible. Remember to include units of measure for answers on all quizzes and tests, as well as label any variables you introduce. Remember, start early and seek out help if you "get stuck." There are two pages to this quiz. In each problem below show your work clearly. If you use a formula show the formula written with the values substituted into it before giving the final value. If you use the Finance menu on the calculator to do the calculations you must show values that you substitute into it. Also write your answers to t...
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