Quiz for JOUR 200 - NEWS MEDIA AND SOCIETY with Mullen at Richmond (UR)

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JOUR 200 - News Media and Society Instructor: Tom Mullen MW, 7:50 - 9:05 a.m. Phone: x6048/270-2499 Jepson 103 tmullen@richmond.edu Snoop Dogg, Anne Coulter, Jon Stewart and The New York Times. . . .are all part of the vast news media culture that helps shape what society thinks and what society thinks about. Our challenge for this course is to take a closer look at the role of news media in society - a look that will require you to go beyond the bright lights and headlines. Our topics over the semester will include. . . What makes news? Who decides? What comes from those decisions? How do media influence society? How does society influence the media? Media ethics? Gimme a break. Show me the money. Blog this! Which means. . . .you will become an omnivorous media consumer. You will not just read news articles or watch news shows - you will devour the...

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