Quiz for CHEM 160 - Introductory Chemistry at Solano Community College (SCC)

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Material Type:Quiz 4
Class:CHEM 160 - Introductory Chemistry
University:Solano Community College
Term:Fall 2008
  • Percent Yield
  • Limiting Reactant
  • Theoretical
  • Following Reaction
  • Theoretical Yield
  • Law of Conservation of Mass
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Chem 160, Fall 2008-11-03 Quiz 4 (Chp 10) Name____________________________ Take home and return next class meeting 20 pt Show all work for complete credit. 1. (10.1, 2 pt) Does the following data support the Law of Conservation of Mass? Explain. 14.01 g of N2 reacts with 3.03 g of H2 to produce 17.04 g of NH3 . 2. (10.2-10.5) Write balanced chemical equations for each of the following and write the name of the type of reaction. A) (2 pt) C8H18 is the formula for gasoline. Write the balanced reaction for the burning of gasoline in an automobile engine and give the name of the type of reaction. B) (1.5 pt) Water reacts with calcium to produce calcium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. C) (1.5 pt) When ammonium carbonate is heated it completely disappears as it forms carbon dioxide gas, water and ammonia. D) (1.5 pt) Complete the following reaction: NaI + Pb(NO3)4 E) (1.5 pt) Iron and oxygen react to produce iron (III) oxide. 10 pt 3. (10.6 – 10.10) In a certain experiment 125 g of magnesium oxide are produ...

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