Quiz for FIN 4224 - Fixed Income Securities with Schneller at Virginia Tech (VT)

Quiz Information

Material Type:Quiz 2
Class:FIN 4224 - Fixed Income Securities
Subject:Finance, Insurance, and Business
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2006
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Coupon Rate
  • In/on/at a Place
  • Required Rate
  • Government Securities
  • Coupon Payment
  • Corporate Bonds
  • None of the Above
  • Credit Risk
  • Insufficient Information
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Sample Document Text

Quiz 2 STUDENT NAME:_______________________________ STUDENT NUMBER:______________________________ Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University FIN 4224 Fall 2006 (Schneller) 12:30 Unless otherwise specified: all face values are $1,000 The letter y stands for the required rate of return on the bond The letter P stands for the price of the bond Question 1: What is a possible minimum price of 30-year, semiannual coupon, 10% coupon rate, government bond. a. $1,000 (face value) b. Very close to zero c. Insufficient information to answer the question d. None of the above Question 2: A government bond issued 29 years and six month ago is coming to maturity in six months. This instrument is currently considered to be a _________ a. bond b. note c. t-bill d. None of the above Question 3: Consider a government note with the following characteristics: Remaining coupon payments: 4 semiannual payments of $35 each Required yield: 6.00% Next coupon payment: December 15, 2006 Today’s date: September 14, 2006 When bu...

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