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Class:ATE 1741 - Veterinary Med Terminology
Subject:Animal Science Technology
University:St. Petersburg College
Term:Spring 2013
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a- an- without, lack of, not

ab- away from

ad- toward, to, near

ambi- amphi- ampho- both

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ana- up, toward, apart

ante- before, in front of, forward

anti- against, opposing

apo- separation from, derived from

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auto- self

bi- two, double, twice

cata- down, under, lower, against

circum- around

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co- * com-+ con- with, together

*co- before a vowel
+com- before b, m, and p.
contra- opposed, against

de- reverse, remove

di- two, twice

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dia- between, through, apart, across, completely

dis- apart from, free from

dys- difficult, painful, abnormal

e- ec- ex- out of, from, away from

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ecto- exo- outer, outside, situated on

em-* en- in

*em- before b, m, and p.
endo- within, inner

ep- epi- upon, on, over, above

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eu- normal, good, well, healthy

extra- outside of, beyond

hemi- half

hyper- excessive, above, beyond

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hyp- hypo- under, deficient, beneath

im-+ in- in, into, within, not

+im- before b, m, and p.
infra- below, beneath

inter- between

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intra- within

intro- into, within

mes- meso- middle

meta- change, beyond, after

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micr- micro- small

mult- multi- many

neo- new, recent

pan- all, entire

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para- beside, beyond

per- through, excessive

peri- around

poly- many, much, excessive

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post- after, behind

pre- pro- before, in front of

pseudo- false

re- again,  backward

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retro- backward, behind

semi- half, partial

sub- under, beneath

super- supra- above, superior, excess

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sym-* syn- together, with

*sym- before b, m, p, and ph.
trans- across, through

ultra- beyond, excess

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 a- an-without, lack of, not

 ab-away from

 ad-toward, to, near

 ambi- amphi- ampho-both

 ana-up, toward, apart

 ante-before, in front of, forward

 anti-against, opposing

 apo-separation from, derived from


 bi-two, double, twice

 cata-down, under, lower, against


 co- * com-+ con-with, together

*co- before a vowel
+com- before b, m, and p.
 contra-opposed, against

 de-reverse, remove

 di-two, twice

 dia-between, through, apart, across, completely

 dis-apart from, free from

 dys-difficult, painful, abnormal

 e- ec- ex-out of, from, away from

 ecto- exo-outer, outside, situated on

 em-* en-in

*em- before b, m, and p.
 endo-within, inner

 ep- epi-upon, on, over, above

 eu-normal, good, well, healthy

 extra-outside of, beyond


 hyper-excessive, above, beyond

 hyp- hypo-under, deficient, beneath

 im-+ in-in, into, within, not

+im- before b, m, and p.
 infra-below, beneath



 intro-into, within

 mes- meso-middle

 meta-change, beyond, after

 micr- micro-small

 mult- multi-many

 neo-new, recent

 pan-all, entire

 para-beside, beyond

 per-through, excessive


 poly-many, much, excessive

 post-after, behind

 pre- pro-before, in front of


 re-again,  backward

 retro-backward, behind

 semi-half, partial

 sub-under, beneath

 super- supra-above, superior, excess

 sym-* syn-together, with

*sym- before b, m, p, and ph.
 trans-across, through

 ultra-beyond, excess

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