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Class:CHEM 2210 - Organic Chemistry I
University:Xavier University of Louisiana
Term:Fall 2009
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3300-3600 Strong and broad O-H (alcohol)
2500-3000 Very broad, distorted baseline O-H (carboxylic acid)
3200-3500 Singlet N-H
3200-3500 Doublet NH2 (primary amine or amide)
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3300 Sharp and strong terminal alkyne
3000-3100 Weak, overlaps C-H Absorption alkene or arene
2800-3000 Strong, broad, multobandrid sp3 carbons (alkanes)
2220-2250 Medium insenity cyanido group
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2100-2260 Medium intensity terminal alkynes
2100-2260 Very weak internal alkynes
1680-1820 Very strong C=O in amides, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acid, esters
1600-1650 C=C alkene aromatic ring
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~1600 NH2 bending primary amines and amides
1200 Strong Ar-O
1050-1150 C-O
690 and 750 Strong phenyl group
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 3300-3600 Strong and broadO-H (alcohol)
 2500-3000 Very broad, distorted baselineO-H (carboxylic acid)
 3200-3500 SingletN-H
 3200-3500 DoubletNH2 (primary amine or amide)
 3300 Sharp and strongterminal alkyne
 3000-3100 Weak, overlaps C-H Absorptionalkene or arene
 2800-3000 Strong, broad, multobandridsp3 carbons (alkanes)
 2220-2250 Medium insenitycyanido group
 2100-2260 Medium intensityterminal alkynes
 2100-2260 Very weakinternal alkynes
 1680-1820 Very strongC=O in amides, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acid, esters
 1600-1650C=C alkene aromatic ring
 ~1600NH2 bending
primary amines and amides
 1200 StrongAr-O
 690 and 750 Strongphenyl group
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