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Class:HIST 112 - U.S. History Since 1865
University:Radford University
Term:Spring 2011
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1939 Stalin and Hitler sign non aggression pact
April 13th, 1944 Truman becomes president
May 8th, 1945 Victory in Europe Day
July 26th, 1945 Potsdam Declaration
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August 6th, 1945 Bombing of HIroshima
August 9th, 1945 Nagasaki
March 12, 1947 Truman Doctrine
June 1947 Marshall Plan
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April 4th, 1949 N.A.T.O
December 10, 1949 Mao Zedong exiles nationalist Chinese to Taiwan
June 25th, 1950 North Korea passes 38th parallel
September 15th, 1950 MacArthur attacks Inchon
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October 7th, 1950 MacArthur crosses 38th parallel
July 27th, 1953 End of the Korean War
1954 Geneva Accords
September 8th, 1954 S.E.A.T.O
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May 1, 1955 Warsaw Pact
1960 Nixon v Kennedy; Kennedy wins
Summer 1964 Gulf of Tonkin
January 31st, 1968 Tet offensive
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June 17th, 1972 Watergate
June 23rd, 1972 "Smoking Gun"
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 1939Stalin and Hitler sign non aggression pact
 April 13th, 1944Truman becomes president
 May 8th, 1945Victory in Europe Day
 July 26th, 1945Potsdam Declaration
 August 6th, 1945Bombing of HIroshima
 August 9th, 1945Nagasaki
 March 12, 1947Truman Doctrine
 June 1947Marshall Plan
 April 4th, 1949N.A.T.O
 December 10, 1949Mao Zedong exiles nationalist Chinese to Taiwan
 June 25th, 1950North Korea passes 38th parallel
 September 15th, 1950MacArthur attacks Inchon
 October 7th, 1950MacArthur crosses 38th parallel
 July 27th, 1953End of the Korean War
 1954Geneva Accords
 September 8th, 1954S.E.A.T.O
 May 1, 1955Warsaw Pact
 1960Nixon v Kennedy; Kennedy wins
 Summer 1964Gulf of Tonkin
 January 31st, 1968Tet offensive
 June 17th, 1972Watergate
 June 23rd, 1972"Smoking Gun"
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