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Patricia Wells
Professor (2010 – 2011)
Florida International (FIU)
Computer Programming
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CEN 3721
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CGS 2518
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COP 2210
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COP 2210
Programming I
Pros: Extremely knowledgeable professor with tons of real world experience.
Cons: Exams count for 70% of final grade.
Great professor! Taking her now for COP 3337(Programming II) and I love her. She really gets you to think of the real world and how important it is to design your code with real world production scenarios in mind. In her lectures she'll give you real world explanations of concepts based on experiences she's had as a professional programmer, this helps create a clearer picture of how what we are learning will apply to our careers in the future. Getting your code to work is not good enough in her class, it also needs to make sense and be efficient. I feel like my coding has improved exponentially during this semester and a lot of it has to do simply with the way professor Wells makes you think about what you're doing. She's literally "ALWAYS" available for her students. I really hope I get the chance to take her for another class in the future.
Professor rated by: Computer Science and information Systems Student on November 18, 2013
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CGS 2518
Computer Data Analysis
Pros: Easy to understand what the objectives were for the class.

Responds to emails quickly.

Posts a review for the exam that was very accurate.

Wants to students to do well in class.
Cons: ---
Took this class online. 7 projects, 2 exams (midterm and final)

Projects get progressively difficult but nothing out of this world. Follow instructions for projects and you be able to get an A.

Easy class.

The exams are taken from the projects. Make sure YOU do the projects because they are good practice for the exams.

Exams are multiple choice and proctored on campus.
Professor rated by: Accounting: General Student on October 24, 2012
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CEN 3721
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
Pros: First time teaching the class, but we're covering tons of material quickly and learning it fairly well.
Cons: This class feels like it needs either a lot more lab work, or it needs to not be held in a classroom with computers in it -- too distracting. Not her fault, though.
Professor rated by: Computer Science and information Systems Student on March 21, 2011
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