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Richard Fulghum
Professor (2009)
Lamar Community College (LAMAR)
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BIO 111
Gen College Biology I/Lab: SC1
Pros: NONE!
Cons: Unfair, unorganized, zero expectations, grades upon his own emotions, there for a paycheck only,
This is the worst teacher I have EVER had. If you get him, change or drop your class. He does NOT care about your grade, he literally has told our class that he is there only for a paycheck, he also has said he grades upon his moods. He is completely unfair when it comes to grading our tests and labs. He teaches Bio 111 and teaches it like it is NOT an intro class, this should be in a masters program. Out of 30 students, 1 A, 1 B, 9 C's and the rest are F! Good luck if you end up with this jerk.
Professor rated by: Student on March 14, 2013
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