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Professor Ratings & Grade Distribution Data for Robert Green

Robert Green
Professor (2010 – 2014)
Mississippi State (MSU)
Experiental Learning
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Spring 2015 Schedule
No classes for this semester.
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EXL 1191
EXL 1193
GE 2713
IE 4553
PS 2713


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PS 2713
Intro Engineer Pub Polcy
Pros: Only write two ten page essays on a an individually assigned topic from a book a final essay that he and Dr. Emmison let us write out and bring to copy on the day of the exam. There are two group projects, which are the in conjunction with the essays.
Cons: Attendance policy
It's an easy A if you do write the papers. Mr. Green and Emmison are two very influential people n campus and this is a relatively small class. If nothing else, this class is a GPA boost and a networking tool.
Professor rated by: Industrial Engineering Student on April 25, 2014
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