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James Scheiner
Professor (2011 – 2014)
Mississippi State (MSU)
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ACC 3203
ACC 4023
ACC 4200
FIN 3203


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ACC 4023
Advanced ACC
Pros: Very knowledgable
Cons: Awful teacher. He doesn't care about your grade in the class. He doesn't teach, he just talks. His answers on the tests were often worded differently than the notes you studied with, so you could miss a question even if you knew the right answer
I took this guy for Accounting Systems 1 (it wouldn't let me rate him for that class, so ignore what I put above). Not sure how he is as a teacher for other classes, but do NOT take him for this class. The class is supposed to be relatively easy. I made a C, and I am an A student. This guy is a jerk and he got stuck with our class because the teacher was sick all semester. He clearly has tenure because he didn't care that we all hated him as a teacher
Professor rated by: Accounting Student on May 12, 2012
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ACC 4200
Accounting Internship
You have to write a pointless paper about what you did each day. Ask the company about the possibility of hiring you after the internship for when you graduate.
Professor rated by: Accounting Student on December 31, 2012
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