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Bernard Roy
Professor (2009 – 2012)
Ramapo College (RCNJ)
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PHIL 201
Pros: After each difficult reading, he gives you a concise idea about what the reading regards. He constantly repeats himself & it's to your benefit because you don't miss the concept.
Cons: Must read 2 or 3 texts prior to each class; sometimes they are long like 10 pages & can be tiring to decipher the intellectual meaning.

He expects you to read it & confronts the class in the beginning about what the readings are about.

Work in groups & stand up in front of class to articulate what you interpreted=sometimes.
His philosophy class is intriguing. Teaches you a variety of works & opens your mind [if you're not close-minded].

He was a delight. Very grounded, and seems wise. Interesting class. Enjoyed it. Tests: study 4 or 5 readings, and picks 3 questions in which you must pick 2.
Professor rated by: Undeclared Student on December 26, 2010
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