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Jeffrey Williamson
Professor (2009 – 2011)
Ramapo College (RCNJ)
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HIST 105
Pros: Enthusiastic, vividly lively, articulate & VERY animated.
Cons: Approximately per class [I took a once a week, 3 hour class with him] we go through slides from beginning to end of class.

Ridiculous tests! BEWARE: he expects you to study at least 18 identifies of 24, and picks randomly 14... Each identify you must know: 1) WHO/WHAT 2)WHEN 3)WHERE 4)WHY/HOW & 5) SO WHAT

He is a ruthless grader. It seems to me he grades essays based not on content but on length. It seems that he doesn't even read it, just guesses!!! It's so0o unfair!

I despised him & his expectations of us. Final was cumulative & being that perplexingly this was considered a 100 level class, I had never studied so0 much for an unnecessary class!!!!
NOT FOR NON-HISTORY MAJORS. A huge memory capacity would be recommended.
Professor rated by: Undeclared Student on December 26, 2010
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