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M. Chamlin
Professor (2010 – 2011)
Texas State (TSUSM)
Criminal Justice
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CJ 4340
CJ 4362
CJ 5315
CJ 5335
CJ 5360
CJ 7350


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CJ 4340
Pros: abesoutly NOTHING
Cons: its 5 foot talk yankee that looks mentally retarted/scared at all times. it likes the sound of its own voice
one of the worst teachers ive come across so far and i am a Senior. the teacher first day tells stories of how he is so strict and how at previous schools he taught, students would run him out of the room. one football player made him cry in class he told us. the teacher is WORTHLESS. do not spend a dime on this class unless you love New york and/or voted for obama the monkey
Professor rated by: Student on May 2, 2013
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