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John Barkdull
Professor (2010 – 2012)
Texas Tech (TTU)
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POLS 2302
POLS 3368
POLS 4397
POLS 4399
POLS 5361
POLS 6000
POLS 7000
POLS 8000


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POLS 2302
American Public Policy: Online Only
Pros: None.

Our TA begged him for extra credit for us.
Cons: Boring as all get out.

Doesn't write the tests, but makes BIG changes to the test AFTER the review sessions with the TA.

He didn't even administer or show up to our final.

He lectures from slides, but you have to pay attention to his boring rambling to get information.

Tests don't correspond to notes.

BAD CLASS overall. just avoid him.

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. I studied my butt off, got C's on all the tests and extra credit got me a B in the class. Ridiculous. Take at community college. Heard his tests are harder than grad school tests...
Professor rated by: FOOD SCIENCE Student on December 11, 2010
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POLS 2302
American Public Policy: Online Only
Pros: None
Cons: Excessive reading, ridiculous tests, very boring speaker
Professor rated by: Energy Commerce Student on October 15, 2012
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