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Ann Malloy
Professor (2011)
Tulsa Community College
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HUMN 2223
Humanities II
Pros: Trusts her students' abilities, intelligence, and creativity. All exams are essays, written over several weeks. One major group project can be difficult, but this is an Honors class, so at least the other students are fairly dedicated.
Cons: Group project means part of your grade is dependent upon other students.
Awesome professor who treats her students like intelligent, scholarly adults. High expectations, which is great because she never underestimates you, but be prepared to stretch intellectually and use scholarly honesty and integrity. She can smell a rat a mile away. Really, really smart lady. Took all her classes because I loved writing essays for her and she is soooo knowledgeable!!
Professor rated by: Undeclared Student on July 21, 2013
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