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Geoffrey Tick
Professor (2009 – 2012)
Alabama (UA)
GEO-Geological Science
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GEO 101
The Dynamic Earth
Pros: Really passionate about what he teaches

Lets you know what is really important, what to write in your notes

Has quick questions embedded in the power points-VERY helpful

the schedule says 10-11:45 but he gives like a 10 min break at the midway point
Cons: doesn't use e-learning, which is okay if you're a good note take but the image examples must be looked up in the book

either write fast or type fast bc he MOVES

This course is in Summer 1. Therefore, all the stuff you would usually learn in 3 months, you learn in one. He goes at a pretty brisk pace but if you need him to slow down just speak up. He will let you of what is important to know and what is not. He also reiterates a lot so that you will understand. But he does this through out the class periods not just in a 5 min block.

Sometimes he will let you out early but since he gives you a 10 min break and all of the stuff we have to cram into a month.. you pretty much for right up till 11:45 (no later).

The campus nickname for this class is "rocks for jocks", therefore a lot of our athletes are in this class and can be VERY disruptive and distracting.

Professor rated by: MUE-Music Education Student on June 2, 2011
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GEO 101
The Dynamic Earth
he sucks!
Professor rated by: SPE-Special Education Student on November 2, 2009
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