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Graham Fogg
Professor (2007 – 2012)
UC Davis (UCD)
Hydrologic Science
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HYD 010
Water, Power, Society
Pros: Eh.... He's knowledgeable, but that's about all.
Cons: Assigns a TON of reading, but almost never touches on them in class. The tests, however, emphasis a LOT of the reading material from the books, but the questions are usually unrelated to Hydrology, asks for specifics names and places, but I failed to see any real connection between what I learned in class at the book used.
A LOT of reading will be assigned and the professor will say it is required, but it's not. He never even mentions them past the first week, nor will they show up on any of the tests. He's a really boring teacher, monotone and puts students to sleep more than your average professor will. The topic is really fascinating, but the professor could do with some more enthusiasm. He does upload his powerpoints online, but don't even bother. They're mostly filled with outdated pictures. He'll talk about them in class, "Look how the watershed reaches this far!" or "This is how much subsidence there's been since 1960" but all the things he points out in the pictures are so obvious, you'd have to be blind to benefit from what he tells you.
Professor rated by: Agricultural Education Student on June 22, 2010
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